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Who We Are?

Deniz Greenhouse and Engineering is a company which has transferred its sector experience of 10 years to the commercial activity
Deniz Greenhouse is a member of export union.

Our Principles

To be honest and hardworking

To help people

To develop ourselves

To finishing work with determination and enthusiasm

To use the time accurately

To develop new ideas constantly

/// Deniz Greenhouse and Engineering

D Kozak

Our References

- Nessan Forest Greenhouse Project (Istanbul)
- Karaman 5 Decare Greenhouse System (Karaman)
- Thermal Screen System 8 Decare (Burdur)
- Modern Strawberry Greenhouse 5 Decare (Bursa)
- Greenhouse Project 10 Decare(Russia)
- Ravaber Glass Greenhouse Boutique Project (Kayseri)
- Turkmenistan Greenhouse Heating 40 Decare
- Yasarlar Modern Greenhouse Heating 20 + 60 Decare
- Turkmenistan Heating Project 20 Decare
- Turkmenistan Heating Project 40 Decare
- Denizli 4 Decare Seedling Greenhouse IPARD Project
- Demre Greenhouse System Material 22 Decare
- Ada Bey Seedling Greenhouse Turnkey
- Erzurum Polycarbonate Roof System
- Moscow 10 Decare Modern Greenhouse Project
- Kars Greenhouse Project (Kars / Turkey)

- Glasshouse Project (Izmir / Turkey)

- Glasshouse System (London/England)

/// Deniz Greenhouse and Engineering

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