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Greenhouse PE Films

Everything you need
Greenhouse PE Films 36, 24, 12 months, pool PE Films, insect nets, ground covers, PVC clip sets, greenhouse band and all other consumables
Greenhouse PE Films
36 Monthly
24 Monthly
12 Monthly
Ready from stock greenhouse nylons with the thickness of 180 - 120 micron thick, full-additive with 3 CO-EX technology,
Imported PE Films
36 Monthly
Greenhouse PE Films in the special thickness of 150 - 180 micron,  Israeli and Spanish origin; full additive, does not  settle snow, does not drop. Delivery from ready stock.
Insect Nets
25 Mesh Greenhouse Insect Nets
40 Mesh Greenhouse Insect Nets
50 Mesh Greenhouse Insect Nets
Tuta Absoluta - Tomato Moth (Butterfly), Green Worm, Prodenea, White fly, Gallery Fly, Red Spider, Thrips pubescents cannot enter within the greenhouse. It has excellent air permeability.  It prevents bombus bees from going out of the greenhouse and no need for bee tulle.It prevents the parasites and predators used in the biological struggle from going out of greenhouse. Warranty period is 5 years, usage period is minimum 10 years.
8 mm Local
4 & 6 & 8 and 10mm, transparent or colored; Polycarbonate sheets with a length of 2.1 meters x 6 meters. Along with imported and domestic options; Production with order. Connection equipment, sealing wicks.
Ground Cover
White Ground Cover
Black Ground Cover
3 m wide and 100 m long UV additive white and black ground cover. Usage areas; Seedlings, soilless agricultural facilities and seed sellers.
PVC Clips
Collar Clips
8 mm PVC clips, collar clips, richel clips; Delivery from ready stock.
Price list
Please Communicate For Discount Rates.
2016/1 Greenhouse Cover Group Price List.
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